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The State and Local Area Advisory Councils are open to consumers ages 16-29. We encourage Youth and Young Adult Consumers to come and experience empowerment in relation to their experiences with a mental health diagnosis, substance use (and recovery) and the mental health system in Massachusetts. No voice at our councils goes to waste. We are organized as experts due to our lived-experience. We are part of a statewide effort to re-shape services for the better. To get involved with the State or a Local Area Council contact

617-442-4111 Toll Free 877-769-7693

Ruthie Poole,
[email protected]

Scott Francis, [email protected]

Nicole McMahon, ext.324 [email protected]

Statewide Youth Advisory Council (syac) meets every third Tuesday of the month from 2-4pm in Westboro at Tatnuck Bookstore meeting room on 18 Lyman street (off of Route 9).

Statewide Youth Advisory Council of Massachusetts

“Our Voice: The official website of the Statewide Youth Advisory Council.”

The Statewide Youth Advisory Council of Massachusetts brings together providers, youth and young adults to advise the Department of Mental Health. We are a group of Young Adults who work together to find equality and to advocate for each other, ourselves, and any youth and young adults in the DMH system and the community. We represent youth and young adults with mental illness in the state of Massachusetts through personal experience as peers. Mental illness is an aspect of character and therefore does not define us.”

The Statewide Youth Advisory Council is currently working on several projects. As a voice for young adults (16-29) consumers in Massachusetts we liberally utilize the media. Projects include:

NEW! "Young Adult Policy Team"

SAMSHA Video "Young Adult Portraits of Culture, Diagnosis and Mental Health Recovery"

You can see the voice of SYAC Youth manifest in the following:

(all projects expressing youth voice will be archived. To go to the archive click here.)

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