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The State and Local Area Advisory Councils are open to consumers ages 16-29. We encourage Youth and Young Adult Consumers to come and experience empowerment in relation to their experiences with a mental health diagnosis, substance use (and recovery) and the mental health system in Massachusetts. No voice at our councils goes to waste. We are organized as experts due to our lived-experience. We are part of a statewide effort to re-shape services for the better. To get involved with the State or a Local Area Council contact

617-442-4111 Toll Free 877-769-7693
Nicole McMahon, ext.324, [email protected]

The first Statewide Youth Advisory Council was held in April 2007 at Westborough State Hospital, Lincoln Conference Room and was coordinated and chaired by Jessel-Paul Smith

Voice of SYAC

This video is the inaugural effort in a collection of videos produced by the massachusetts statewide youth advisory council to DMH. We began this project as a response to anti stigma PSA's that we as youth with mental health issues felt did not represent us. This is our first step in projecting a more realistic image to the public of what it is like to live with mental illness as a young adult and to other young adults and youth still suffering to know there is hope.

Part two of the YOUNG ADULTS in their own voice video

The third video from the Voices

of SYAC youtube channel

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