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Red CrossEmergency and Basic Resources

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The new Voices for Change Newsletter is up for all to Read!

Spring '12 VFC


Working Together

We are peers in all stages of recovering our mental health wellness and freedom from addictions and trauma. Through our diversity, our lived experience, passion and compassion, we are fueling warmth and wisdom among ourselves and in our communities. Learn More…



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CPS Testing

CPS Updates



Interview Dates - Please email us at [email protected] and tell us your top two choices for interviews (See application for full instructions). Current dates are below.

August 14 - Lawrence DMH, 15 Union Street, Suite 2.
August 21 - RLC in Holyoke, 187 High Street, Suite 303
August 25 - RLC in Holyoke, 187 High Street, Suite 303

For further details and locations click here

Please request an interview NO LATER THAN August 17th.

Next Retake Exam Opportunity – End of September, 2012

Tutoring – Phone tutoring will be available on the dates below.  We will use the Transformation Center Conference Line – 661-673-8600; Code Number 505400#. 
August 21st – Begin weekly tutoring on Tuesday nights at 7:00 (same number as above)
Exams Week of September 24th (probably Tuesday, 9/25 and Saturday 9/29.  Exams will not be scheduled on Yom Kippur).

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Click here for the PDF version of the CPS Application.

Click here for the CPS FAQ sheet.

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Job Opportunities

Be sure to checkout this week's RNN. Also checkout for some of the small vendor peer jobs.

Local area Jobs for Lived Experience people

Please submit all postings to: webteam AT transformation-center DOT org with the subject line: webtask.

More jobs

Employer & Employment Resources

Education & Support

SSI, SSDI, & Work

Workplace Culture

Role Conflict & Boundaries

Reasonable Accommodation

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“Dakota tribal wisdom says that when you discover you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount...” -- Anonymous

Let us try something new:
    …bringing people that use or have used mental health services
    the lead
        when designing services,
            when speaking about us,
                when imagining our future or worth …

This section looks at the big questions in advocacy to reshape our world from the perspective of lived experience. If you are looking for personal advocacy info, check out Resources, Self-Advocacy and Rights & Law.

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