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Massachusetts Leadership Academy

A Project of the Transformation Center

You can make a difference! At the Leadership Academy, participants ---

  • Have fun, meet new people, connect with old friends.
  • Learn advocacy skills.
  • Boost self confidence.
  • Build effective meeting facilitation skills
  • Respect and celebrate diversity in our community
  • Learn about working with media, lawmakers, state authorities & departments on matters of policy affecting mental health and addiction recovery
and finally:
  • Create a plan for taking action!

Our goal and mission is to expand and strengthen the dynamic network of empowered advocates in Massachusetts --
won’t you join us?

We thank our funders, including:
The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership

“Speak your mind…
Even if your voice shakes”

--Maggie Kuhn

For more information please contact:
The Transformation Center
98 Magazine st.
Roxbury, MA 02119
Phone: (617) 442- 4111
Fax: (617) 442-4005
Email: [email protected]