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Provider Training

Merging Clinical & Recovery-Oriented Cultures: A Plan for Action

Beginning in the spring of 2001 the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership and M-POWER, Inc collaborated to offer network service provider sites the opportunity to participate in trainings designed by M-POWER and MBHP. As M-POWER refocuses its work, returning to its advocacy roots, The Transformation Center has taken the lead in continuing to offer these invaluable opportunities for MBHP network providers.

The series focuses on helping sites develop practical Action Steps at the individual and/or systems level for increasing the recovery orientation of their programs. We use Core Readings, speakers, and other resources to provide staff and people receiving services with the scientific evidence supporting the realities of recovery, with special attention paid to the growing knowledge base that focuses on organizations for increasing recovery orientation.

Action steps are created to facilitate the process of organizational "culture merging"; where a culture that is person-centered, recovery oriented and hope-inspiring becomes, over time, predominant. On a growing body of evidence that persons with psychiatric disabilities, even those most severely ill, do recover. Cultures that are person-centered, recovery oriented and hopeful are important.

Core Readings include:

  • The Executive Summary of the report to the President from the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health
  • Empirical Correction of Seven Myths about Schizophrenia with Implications for Treatment by Courtenay M. Harding and James H. Zahniser
  • Two Personal Recovery stories by Sarah and Andrew

This is An Opportunity to:

  • Receive the following CEUs: LICSW, LCSW, LSW, LSWA, LMFT, LMHC, RN and LPN (all sessions must be attended)
  • Increase a recovery focus in the work that you do. MBHP and DMH will be contracting with vendors in a new way that reflects the Presidents New Freedom Commission's Focus on System Transformation and Recovery.
  • Develop practical, do-able Action Steps for your program.
  • Receive a report which summarizes your responses to the training and details the Action Steps you developed.

Contact the The Transformation Center office at 617-442-4111, or at [email protected] for the status of this project.