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MASSWRAP was started by Marina Colonas, Doug Cooper and Kerrie Fallon in 2004. Before working together as MASSWRAP, Marina and Kerrie had over 16 years combined experience facilitating this self directed Wellness and Recovery Plan. Doug joined MASSWRAP after completing his training in Vermont three years ago.

Mental Health Recovery including Wellness Recovery Action Planning is the result of Mary Ellen Copeland’s search for ways she could live a life filled with Hope and Meaning and not to be known only by her mental health diagnosis. She reached out to others who had or still lived with mental health challenges and documented the ideas and techniques they used to move into lives filled with hopes, joys and purpose and who also happened to have mental health issues. You may learn more about Mary Ellen by way of her websites or

MASSWRAP has offered a series of presentations of Mary Ellen’s work that puts you in the driver’s seat of directing your own recovery. Presently we are working with some of the Recovery Learning Communities (RLC) across Massachusetts to train their own WRAP Facilitators. Soon the RLC’s will be able to offer continuous WRAP groups as well as WRAP support groups. MASSWRAP is also committed to bringing WRAP to people who are often slighted or forgotten about by working with our peers in those communities. Recently MASSWRAP worked with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community to share some of the best of WRAP, with the intention of having Deaf Facilitators very soon.

Some of us have no awareness yet as to why we hurt or how we can help ourselves when we do hurt, and some of us are exploring more of what gets in the way of feeling hopeful and connected. In a WRAP group, you are supported by peers in a safe environment as you learn more about yourself and take charge of the situation through Action Plans. A WRAP Recovery Educator understands and respects that your plan is yours and needs to be expressed in whatever way feels the most appropriate for you - example, written, photographs, poetry, collage, painting, verbally, etc.

MASSWRAP also offers Facilitator Trainings to those who meet the qualifications necessary per Mary Ellen Copeland. Many people are interested in becoming WRAP Recovery Educators and presently we are the only Massachusetts totally peer based and run group who does this work. Believing we have a responsibility to all our peers, our curriculum includes the standard 5 day Facilitator training but then goes beyond that by integrating a WRAP Practicum as well. Upon completion of the 5 day training and learning the curriculum, MASSWRAP Advanced Level Facilitators continue to work with each of you for a period of time following the 5 day lessons as you sharpen your facilitator skills including how to give support to members, how to answer challenging questions, how to be inclusive and how to take care of yourself while you’re doing this work. Facilitating a WRAP group is different than leading other kinds of groups because of the peer perspective and guidelines. We have found that facilitators who do our practicum feel better about themselves as facilitators, have less burnout, teach through the eyes of a peer, and and continuously develop professionally as well as personally via the Facilitators support group we offer.

There are a variety of situations where Wellness Recovery Action Planning can and has been of great assistance in a variety of life situations outside of mental health issues. Guided by the Values and Ethics of Mary Ellen Copeland, MASSWRAP is able to tailor trainings to each need. Please feel free to call us with questions or ideas at any time. We can be reached at:

Marina Colonas
The Transformation Center
98 Magazine Street
Roxbury, MA
(617) 442-4111 x305

[email protected]