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The Transformation Center @ 98 Magazine St.

A Massachusetts statewide peer-operated training, technical assistance, and peer support networking organization. We seek to transform policy and practice in communities and systems by facilitating the growth, well-being and diverse voices and expressions of people in all stages of recovering their mental health and freedom from addictions and traumatic experiences. People who experience trauma, mental health and/or substance use  challenges and diagnosis are of potent value in our communities. Discrimination and misconceptions, however, remain a barrier.
The Transformation Center’s role is to “water the roots” of the peer support and mental health recovery movement.  Our source of expertise is innovation driven by those who have lived experience of recovery and resilience.

In 2004, responding to decades of grassroots advocacy for social change, the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health received Medicaid funding to support the beginnings of a statewide, peer-operated “Recovery Center for Excellence.”  This is now called The Transformation Center.  On May 19, 2008. The Transformation Center  became a non-profit, 501 (c)3 tax exempt organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Overview of Activities

The Kiva Center is the connection center of the Central MA Recovery Learning Community.   Our main focus is on promoting wellness through mutual support.   We are located at 209 Shrewsbury St. (across from East Park), in Worcester, MA  (Bus 15).


We live in communities where people, individually and together,
experience well-being, and help each other with mutual respect and compassion,
to overcome the challenges we all face.


As people in all stages of recovering our mental health, wellness and freedom from addictions.
– We promote the growth and voices of people with lived experience, individually, in communities and in organizations.
– We facilitate these diverse voices to impact and transform policy and practice.


1. Self-Determination:  We support the right of every person to choose their own recovery path without force.

2. Being part of the solution:  We encourage every person to effect change and growth, to educate and help both self and others.

3. Independence:  We celebrate the process of growth to self-sufficiency & support the right of each person to strive for it.

4. Mutuality:  We build connection, giving and receiving help with self-respect and shared responsibility.

5. Social Justice:  We are stewards of our environment through solidarity, equality and compassion.

The Geese

Our logo is inspired by Lessons from Geese, a story of collaboration interpreted by Dr. Robert McNeish.   These lessons of the wild inspire a world where people are as wise as geese, where leadership is shared, and where we all stay focused on a common vision and mission, keeping our “eyes on the prize”.

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Video (narration)

Mary Oliver’s poem “Wild Geese”

Affirmation that we are worthy and reminds us that the journey continues…

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