WRAP: Wellness Recovery Action Planning

The Transformation Center of Massachusetts is committed to increasing access to the Evidence-based Practice of Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP), developed by Mary Ellen Copeland.

About WRAP

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is quite a simple and strong idea for creating the life and the state of wellness you desire. With WRAP, you will achieve new horizons.

WRAP at The Transformation Center

“Massachusetts WRAP” was founded in 2004 by Marina Coolness, Doug Cooper and Kerrie Fallon. They were trained and certified at The Copeland Center. Marina and colleagues at The Transformation Center have worked with RLCs across Massachusetts to train WRAP Facilitators, many of whom offer WRAP classes.

2012 Report “The State of WRAP in the Great State of Massachusetts”

Finding & Creating WRAP in your area:

    • Recovery Learning Communities (RLCs) frequently offer WRAP classes and support.
    • PERC at the MetroBoston RLC runs WRAP classes regularly.
    • The Copeland Center event listings include refresher classes and facilitator trainings online, in New England and around the world.
    • An Evidence Based Practice
    • “Mental Health Recovery including Wellness Recovery Action Planning” is the result of Mary Ellen Copeland’s search for ways she could live a life filled with hope and meaning and not be known only by her mental health diagnosis. She reached out to others who had or still lived with mental health challenges.  WRAP came out of her efforts to document the ideas and techniques they used to move into lives filled with hopes, joys and purpose.
    • About Mary Ellen Copeland’s life and work
    • WRAP Webinars view recordings of past webinars
    • The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery
    • Founded in 2003 to promote mental health recovery through education, training, and research based on WRAP®. The Copeland Center was named in honor of and dedicated to the memory of Mary Ellen’s mother – Kathryn Strouse Copeland (1912-1994) – whose courageous struggle to face and overcome mental health challenges was a lifelong inspiration to her daughter.
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