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How to Pass a Drug Test

Last Updated on 21.04.2023

Most likely, the reason you’ve come to our page is to learn how to pass drug test for weed. Many states still permit employers to drug test their workers for cannabis and to cite a positive test as justification for firing or disqualifying them from employment, with a record 21 states having legalized adult-use cannabis and approximately 40 operating medical marijuana programs. Don’t worry, though; we have all the solutions you require.

It is important to know about the various sorts of drug tests, and the length of time they may spot drugs in your system. In this article, we will tell you about the best way to pass drug test and how to get weed out of your blood in time for a drug test.

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What are the Different Kinds of Drug Tests?

A biological specimen (such as blood or urine) is used in a drug test to determine if a substance is legal or illegal. Drug tests are requested and carried out using several situations and methods.

In addition to legal substances like alcohol and tobacco, drugs also include over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, and illicit narcotics. The rate at which different drugs are metabolized (broken down) by our bodies varies, therefore the window of time for their detection in your blood can be quite narrow and wildly variable from drug to drug. The following are the primary tests:

  1. Blood Drug Test
  2. Urine Drug Test
  3. Hair Drug Test
  4. Saliva Drug Test
  5. Sweat Drug Test

How to Pass UA?

A survey done by a detox treatment center reports that 7 out of 10 Americans have used drugs while at their workplaces. Most drug tests, if you are requested to submit to one, will involve testing your urine. The detention window for a urine drug test is between 3 and 30 days, which is long enough to catch any ongoing drug user. If the urine samples are being directly monitored by the test observers, then the test is reliable.

Taking a urine test is a common and often required drug screening method, so users need to know how to pass a drug screen. But before we get into the specifics of how to pass a cannabis drug test, let’s look at a few other things that are pertinent to drug tests. There are a few guaranteed ways to pass a pee test so, plan your strategy to pass UA by selecting the most effective approach based on:

Testing Date

You may have a drug test in the next several days, hours, months, or even right now. Even if you don’t think you’ll be taking a drug test soon, the amount of time you have to prepare can affect which strategy is most effective.

Different strategies take varying amounts of time to implement; some can be completed with just a few minutes to spare before the exam. And if you have to postpone your test, certain ways will still work while others won’t. What’s the big deal here? You should know the exact timing of your urine drug test before you go in for it.


If you regularly use marijuana, the levels of drug metabolites in your body will directly correlate with your body mass index. This means that a more powerful individual will need a more suitably sized detox product to meet his stature.


Consider the amount and frequency of your marijuana use. THC is stored in adipose tissue and is then released when fat is burned. In other words, if you’re scheduled to do a urine drug test and decide to go on a diet the day of the test, you will fail the test since your body will produce more of the medication. Detoxing with exercise should start several days before a drug test.


You’ll have to shell out some cash to purchase a cannabis or THC detox treatment that works. Some detox goods, like the Toxin Rid detox kit, can be purchased at a discount. If you don’t have the cash on hand for store-bought fixes, there are home treatments you may give a try that won’t cost you a dime.

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  • Three-part detoxification system with pre-rid tablets, liquid detox, and dietary fiber
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The Best Way to Pass a Drug Test: Toxin Rid Pills

Triple-action pre-rid tablets, a liquid detox, and dietary fiber make up the Toxin Rid. Those who regularly use drugs and have an upcoming urine drug test can benefit greatly from this product. Toxin Rid can also be used to flush out toxins from the body, including those found in perspiration, blood, and saliva.

Using a Toxin Rid detox kit for 10 days is recommended if you have sufficient time before the test. If you need to get off drugs quickly, the Toxin Rid program can do the job in as little as five days.

If you have doubts about the efficacy of detox products like synthetic urine, detox shampoos, and detox mouthwash, then Toxin Rid detox is the way to go. For those who are subject to random drug testing, this is a must.

Detox Drinks

To reduce the effects of THC on the body, specific drinks called “detox” can be consumed. Vitamins and herbs are included to keep your weak urine’s electrolytes and gravity in check.

If you have 5-10 days before a urine drug test, a detox beverage can help you pass. Taking a drug test is as simple as consuming the entire vial the day before. After 15 minutes, pour the bottle with water until it’s halfway full, shake vigorously, and enjoy.

5-Day THC Detox Kit by Toxin Rid

Immediate urine drug tests can be easily passed with the use of detox kits. Toxin Rid offers a comprehensive detox kit that has 45 tablets, an ounce of liquid and an ounce of fiber. THC Detox tablets are included in these kits, and they help the body eliminate toxins in bowel movements and urine.

If you need to pass a drug test quickly, get the 5-Day Toxin Rid Detox kit. The THC in your bloodstream, urine, and saliva can be eliminated when you take Toxin Rid, which is composed of natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals.

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  • Three-part detoxification system with pre-rid tablets, liquid detox, and dietary fiber
  • Specifically designed for people with HEAVY toxin exposure
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  • Rids your blood, urine, and saliva of unwanted drug toxins
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Home Remedies to Pass a Urine Drug Test

There are a few home remedies to pass a urine drug test. Most of these items are common kitchen staples and can be used to pass  marijuana drug test with your urine.

Baking Soda

Marijuana consumers have long claimed that baking soda can help them beat urine drug tests. Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is an effective cleanser and detoxifier.

Some online resources suggest consuming 1–5 tablespoons of baking soda in water and afterward 1 gallon of water a few hours before the test. Be aware that you can get sick with diarrhea after taking this.

However, there have been accounts of people sustaining stomach perforations after ingesting baking soda to pass a urine drug test.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar made from apples and cider aids in detoxification, blood sugar regulation, and weight reduction. This is likely why some people try to get rid of their cannabis or THC by drinking natural vinegar.

Vinegar in water is a great detox drink that will help you eliminate harmful substances in your system. However, vinegar may not be able to help you pass drug tests because it cannot neutralize dangerous chemicals like THC.


By increasing the amount of caffeine in your urine, coffee can help you pass a pending drug test by disguising the presence of illegal substances. Caffeine increases urination, which dilutes the urine over time.

How to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours naturally is a question many of us ask out of desperation. But home remedies are not strong enough to do that.

How to Test Clean on a Piss Test?

We recommend looking into other options if you need to pass a urine drug test in less than 24 hours without using any artificial means. Safer, more manageable, and guaranteed outcomes can be achieved with synthetic alternatives. Many people who regularly use marijuana have come to rely on synthetic urine to pass drug tests when detoxing is not an option.

Passing a urine drug test with synthetic pee has been the subject of debate. How about a positive outcome using fake urine?

What is Synthetic Urine?

The term “synthetic urine” refers to an artificial solution that has been synthesized to mimic the appearance of real human urine. It has a lot of the chemicals found in real urine, so it can be used as a substitute. Fake pee, also known as synthetic urine, is made in clean labs free of germs.

Urine samples are typically used for drug testing in settings such as the workplace. It can be challenging for a chronic user to find work when some companies require random drug testing every two months.

Users of cannabis who are unable to sufficiently detox before a test may submit phony urine samples. It is virtually indistinguishable from real urine in terms of appearance, odor, and texture, and can easily fool laboratory tests. Artificial urine aids make it easier to urinate directly into a test cup.

How to Pass a Drug Test in 2022?

Powdered Human Urine

Try using TestClear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine to pass a marijuana drug test. This product guarantees a negative result on those terrifying lab tests, although if you smoked pot five days earlier.

How is TestClear Powdered Urine different from other fake pee on the market? For starters, it’s made with the correct ingredients that make up human pee. There are several compounds in urine, including urea, uric acid, creatinine, yellow coloring, and others, that make up TestClear.

The kit comes with a heating element, temperature strips, and transport vials. The urine can remain at an acceptable temperature for as long as the test takes thanks to the heat pads. Only water is required for use, making it portable and practical.

TestClear Powdered Human Urine is used by combining it with water right before a test. Take the concoction with you to the restroom, where you will submit it in place of your urine. Urine drug tests can be thrown off if the sample is not kept between 32 and 37 degrees Celsius.


Powdered Human Urine

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  • Genuine human urine!

The Urinator

  • The electronic device holds the urine sample and heats it to the body temperature. It’s reusable!
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Quick Fix

The Quick Fix is a synthetic urine that has become very popular. If you adhere to the instructions exactly, this urine works like a charm. Synthetic urine makes up around 30 ounces of Quick Fix. To purchase this item, please visit the manufacturer’s website. This synthetic urine costs about $40. Also, it has a money-back guarantee so if you are not happy with the results you can always send the product back with documents of making a purchase.


  • Compared to Powdered Urine, it is more affordable
  • Researchers have been unable to detect any anomalies in the synthetic pee. Since they mimic the appearance, smell, and texture of real pee, this is the case
  • There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee with this product. Offering such a tempting discount shows that they have faith in their product


  • If an observer is present throughout the test, using synthetic urine becomes much more problematic
  • Extreme care must be taken to follow these detailed instructions

Saliva Drug Test

The concentration of THC in an individual’s system can be determined by analyzing their saliva, which is typically collected and examined for this purpose. There is no better way to detect recent drug use than with a saliva test. However, it has a limited detection window of 24 hours (or even up to 72 hours for heavy smokers). There are special THC detox mouthwashes, such as Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash.

How to Pass a Drug Test in 24 Hours with Home Remedies?

According to many social media users, you can pass a saliva drug test in 24 hours with home remedies. They have been posting about how they passed saliva tests.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Many people use hydrogen peroxide dissolved in water as an easy and fast way to get rid of THC. Hydrogen peroxide is likely to appear at the top of any web search for “how to pass a saliva drug test”.

When used after brushing one’s teeth, hydrogen peroxide can be a refreshing mouthwash. Before use, dilute 3 percent hydrogen peroxide with 1 to 2 parts water. For maximum effectiveness, gargle and spit out the liquid after swishing it around in your mouth for as long as possible. After that, you should give your mouth a good rinse and do it again.

Let’s assume you have a mouth swab test in an hour; if you start swishing with hydrogen peroxide right away, you’ll have plenty of time to do it multiple times before the test. Hydrogen peroxide is safe in very low concentrations, but concentrations above 3% are hazardous and can destroy tissue.


Another common option is using Listerine Mouthwash, which many smokers say removes THC toxins from the mouth. There is no evidence that using Listerine to get rid of drug metabolites is as effective as using it to get rid of bacteria and fungi in the mouth.


Vinegar is now commonly used as a home treatment for a wide variety of conditions. It comes as no surprise that vinegar has been recommended as a means of neutralizing the toxic effects of THC in the mouth.

Some people claim that consuming apple cider vinegar for a couple of days before a saliva drug test can help you pass, while others claim that consuming balsamic vinegar for a few minutes before the test will help you pass. However, there has been no empirical verification of these assertions.

How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test with a Detox Drink?

Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash

This is a lifesaving mouthwash that will remove drug toxins from your mouth right before you take a drug test. Because of its small size, the bottle is easily transportable.

A few minutes before you do the saliva test is the ideal time to employ the Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash. Take one-third of the liquid into the mouth. Now start swishing for 3 minutes. Finally, spit it out. Do it two times through this procedure. Before you walk in for the exam, try using some breath mints to freshen your breath.


Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash

  • This specifically prepared mouthwash allows you to get rid of any detectable drug toxins that may have remained in your mouth moments before the drug test.
  • The 1-ounce bottle makes it simple to dispose of or conceal in the moments leading up to the test.

How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

The hair test provides the most accurate results because it cannot be faked and reveals a person’s drug use history for up to 90 days. Drug test observers can identify drug residues in the follicle during the first week of use till the hair grows out, using only strands of hair.

The substances among those it can identify with ease include:

  1. Cocaine
  2. Codeine
  3. Heroin
  4. MDMA
  5. Methamphetamine
  6. Morphine
  7. PCP

Hair Drug Tests: Dos and Don’ts


  • Cleanse your hair completely
  • Use cleansing shampoo
  • Get the detox supplies you need
  • Repeat the procedure several times before the test


  • Before a test, avoid shaving your head
  • Do not use bleach or hair dye
  • Avoid using any other drugs

Methods That won’t Help Beating a Hair Strand Test

Getting Bald

Shaving your head just before a drug test can only increase suspicion. Lab technicians can take body hair to test for drugs. In short, you would be shaving for nothing.


Even though bleach is a potent cleaning solution, using it to remove THC or marijuana from your hair follicles is not a good idea. When they are unable to obtain detox shampoos before the test, some people turn to bleach, but this usually results in failure.

Quitting Drugs for a Few Days

For urine drug tests, abstaining for up to 30 days might be effective, but not for hair follicle drug testing. Avoiding marijuana or cannabis won’t guarantee a negative result on your future test.

Toxins from marijuana and THC can linger in the hair follicles for up to three months following consumption.

The Macujo Method

The Macujo Technique is conceivably the most effective way to pass a hair follicle drug test. You should start using the Macujo method to detoxify as soon as you know you’ll be undergoing a hair drug test shortly.

How to Do the Macujo Method

Step 1
You should cease using any drugs before starting the detox process. Detoxification is more efficient the longer you avoid contaminants. It’s best to cease smoking marijuana or cannabis at least 24 hours before you start.

Step 2
Rinse your hair well with lukewarm water to widen the cuticles. Then take vinegar and lather it on your hair.

Step 3
Massage your scalp with a Clean and Clear Deep-Cleansing exfoliating scrub. As the vinegar and this scrub combine. Make sure to massage your scalp completely, paying attention to every area. When finished, place the shower cap over your hair and wait an hour.

Step 4
After the hour has passed, thoroughly scrub your hair and rinse the vinegar out.

Step 5
Take a good amount of Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo to wash your hair stands. After a thorough rinse, repeat this once more.

Step 6
Use tide to scrub your hair after using detox shampoo. Once you’re finished, rinse the washing detergent with warm water.

Step 7
Lastly, use the Old-style aloe to rinse your hair well.

You need to repeat the whole process multiple times for getting the expected result. The more you wash your hair using the Macujo method the more THC metabolites get washed away. We recommend doing it at least 7 to 10 times.

Bottom Line

To pass a drug screen in 2022 isn’t as easy as before. You need to be extra careful about your methods to beat a hair, urine, or saliva drug test. TestClear Powdered Human piss is one of many synthetic urine products available on the market that can be used to fool a urine drug test.

Apart from that, all products from Toxin Rid are quite people among weed users. You can rely on the mentioned products to pass drug tests with flying colors. But, of course, it is wise to do your research before trying out any product.

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