Toxin Rid Pills Review

This is a Toxin Rid review for those who are looking for a weed detox product to pass urine drug test. You cannot help but admit that we all live hectic lives. The fast pace world and the everyday stress leave us exhausted. So, it might not be the best choice but some of us try to de-stress by smoking pot. Using marijuana might give you the escape you want but it would cause some trouble too.

Indulging in weed might put your career at stake if you wise to get your dream job.  Screening for drugs has become a common practice among employers these days for valid reasons. Though using cannabis are legal in some states, job candidates who are tested positive for drugs are disregarded as potential employee.

So, if you are employed or looking for jobs should refrain from smoking hash. Now that I am done with warnings, let’s talk about what you can do to keep your job if you happen to loosen up a bit on the weekend.

Drug tests can trace the presence of drug residues in your body for about three months or 90 days. The detection window varies from one individual to another but this is the average time frame. Thus, it is a no-brainer that you are going to fail measurably if you have taken drugs 90 days prior to your test.

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But you shouldn’t be too worried because we have a solution for this situation too. All you need is a good cleansing detox product to beat the drug tests. While we are on it consider using Toxin Rid so the presence of THC doesn’t get detected in screening. Depending on how much time you have you can pick a toxin rid 10-day detox pack for passing the test. According to many toxin rid 5 day detox reviews, it is possible to flush out toxins from the body in just five days.

You can choose different methods to pass a urine drug test, saliva drug test, or hair drug test. To avoid testing positive for a urine drug test many resorts to synthetic urine. Several types of mouthwash are available for saliva drug tests. There is no shortage of detoxifying shampoos for beating follicles tests. the problem is not everyone can handle synthetic urine.

If the fake urine’s temperature is more or less than the body’s temperature the sample gets flagged by the tests. Weed detox methods for passing follicle tests work by causing severe damage to the hair. On the other hand, the effectiveness of the detox mouthwash lasts for a small amount of time. Thus, you have to complete the saliva tests within this time else you fail.

So, the majority of people want a natural detoxification process that would help them pass the tests with flying colors. If you also want something like that look no further than toxin rid pills. You can read the toxin rid reviews Amazon, GNC, and Walmart if you are not sure about it.

In this toxin rid pill review, you are going to discover everything you need to know about this product to make the best decision.

What is the need for This Product?

Toxin rid pills are manufactured to help you expel the toxin accumulated in the body from using cannabis. It contains certain ingredients that are proven to detox the body by flushing out toxins. It doesn’t matter if you are a regular weed smoker. The detox pills work for everyone. Since it removes the drug metabolites from the body you can choose any kind of drug testing method be that saliva or urine drug tests.

To pass drug tests you better ensure that your selected detox product is potent enough. Otherwise, lab tests would easily identify the traces of THC left in your body. Choosing the best detox program is highly important for jobholders. You never know when your employer would send a notice for taking a drug test.

Description for Toxin Rid

This detox formula comes in the form of pills to dispel drug metabolites from your system. You can add a detox fluid and a dietary fiber for a 5- or 10-days detox program. Of course, they are optional but if you want to raise the chances of beating the drug test you might want to get the additional products.

As mentioned, it has several detox courses starting from 1 up to 10 days. You have to know which course is for you. If you are a heavy weed smoker then you should get the 10 days detox pack. For someone who smokes moderately can take the 5 days detox course. Lastly, you have a 1 to 2 days course for the light weed smokers. Those who don’t want the hassle of using synthetic urine would be greatly benefited from toxin rid pills.

What Is the Working Mechanism of Toxin Rid?

As Transformation Center claims, our body has the natural ability to get rid of any toxins that somehow accumulated in it. The organs such as our kidneys, liver, and digestive system make sure of this. Thus, lab tests cannot detect the existence of THC when you undergo a drug test. But the body’s process of purging the toxins needs a lot of time which you might not have.

You can try to boost this natural process by changing your diet to a healthier one, taking regular exercise, drinking a lot of liquids, and sweating a lot in the sauna. But that takes a considerable amount of time too.

You might have to wait for a month or two for the natural process to take place. Plus, you must refrain from using cannabis during this time. You might feel the need for opiates to relieve pain or for alcohol to de-stress but still, you cannot take it.

The Toxin Rid contain natural ingredients known for their detox properties. It contains vitamins, herbs, and minerals that help flush the drug metabolites from your saliva, blood, and urine. It also accelerates the detox process within your time limit so a urinalysis test comes negative. The additional fiber supplement from the package supports better toxin absorption which then gets dispelled from with body with feces.

The mechanism is very simple and natural. The body does what it was supposed to do but faster. The drug residues are purged from the body with piss and poop. Remember, you cannot use drugs during the detox program.

Toxin Rid: Ingredients

The disclosed ingredients of Toxin Rid pills are as follows:

  1.   Kelp
  2.   Iron
  3.   Boron
  4.   Calcium
  5.   Magnesium
  6.   Chloride
  7.   Sodium
  8.   Potassium
  9.   Alfalfa leaf extract

Fiber supplement

  1.   Dietary Fiber
  2.   Psyllium Husk Powder

Detox Liquid

  1.   Chloride
  2.   Potassium
  3.   boron
  4.   Sodium
  5.   Lithium
  6.   Sulfate
  7.   Magnesium

Does Toxin Rid Really Work?

Although I have named the ingredients and described how the detox pill works the question remains, does toxin rid work? The pill contains potassium, magnesium, chloride, and sodium which supplies electrolytes. These electrolytes then help you to beat urine drug tests. No need to worry about the temperature of your urine.

The main ingredients in the formula of toxin rid are alfalfa, kelp, and boron. These ingredients flush out toxins from the body. It cleanses the body so drug screens cannot find THC in your system. All the ingredients are proven to work as a detoxifier.

Toxin Rid banner

Toxin Rid

  • Three-part detoxification system with pre-rid tablets, liquid detox, and dietary fiber
  • Specifically designed for people with HEAVY toxin exposure
  • Starts working as fast as one hour
  • Rids your blood, urine, and saliva of unwanted drug toxins
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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How To Use Toxin Rid?

Here we are going to explain a 10 days toxin rid program. Keeping that in mind, we have divided the toxin rid instructions into three parts. Read very carefully so you don’t miss anything.

Day 1

The very first step in your 10 days toxin rid program is to refrain from taking any kind of toxin for a whole day or 24 hours. With that, you are starting your weed detox process. Now, this might be tough for regular pot smokers but if you don’t want to be tested positive for drugs you have to bear with it.

Day 1 to Day 9

As I have said you cannot use cannabis on day one. Other than that, you also have to start taking the pills on the first day and continue taking them for the next 9 days. Each day every 5 hours you must swallow three pills. That makes 15 pills a day. You have to religiously take those pills for 9 days. To bolster the effectiveness of the pills you should maintain a healthy diet routine. Also, it is important to drink a lot of water and juice during this period. It will keep the body hydrated and flush out toxins from the body.

We recommend your diet should include vitamins and plenty of fiber-enriched foods. You should only eat lean meat and avoid greasy foods.

Day 10

On this day you are going to take the test. So, you need to follow some additional steps before you hand in the sample and the steps are:

  •       Grab the detox drink and measure four ounces of water
  •       Take half of the detox drink and consume it with the measured water.
  •       Exactly an hour prior to the test, measure eight ounces of water and mix it with the dietary fiber.
  •       Now drink it fast.
  •       After that, you have to wait another 20 minutes.
  •       When the wait is over, take 16 ounces of water and drink it.

When you have completed all the mentioned steps you can go and take the test with confidence. The doctors or the lab testers would fail to trace THC even after a thorough analysis. The mentioned toxin rid directions are easy to follow. But any discrepancy would result in

Where To Buy Toxin Rid?

To purchase toxin rid you have to get it from Test Clear. You cannot buy it from online retailers like Amazon or such. Test Clear produces and sells this product exclusively to avoid any kind of deception. Directly buying from the manufacturers ascertains that the product you are getting is authentic.

It also costs you way less on direct purchase. Not to mention you are supporting the company in a way to improve their product even more with your money.

Who Are Forbidden to Use Toxin Rid Pills?

Nursing mothers and pregnant women shouldn’t use this to pass drug tests. This is not a product for anyone below 18. Also, make sure to store it beyond children’s reach.

Toxin Rid: Manufacturer Information

Brand Name Toxin Rid
Manufacturer Test Clear
Address P.O 2011 Redmond,

WA 98073-2011 USA

Mobile Number 1-877-TOXIN-74

The official website didn’t specify their working hours. Thus, we don’t know what time of the day you should contact them. To avoid inconvenience contact them via the number mentioned here. You can reach out to their official page for further information.

Toxin Rid: Is It Certified?

FDA did not approve Toxin Rid. The authenticity of the product is tested by a third-party certified lab. The purity of the detox product was tested by Cannavale Analytica which vouch for its authenticity as it includes natural ingredients. Detox products are not legal in all states. So, it is wise to be aware of whether your state bans detox products or not. Otherwise, if you get caught using them you might get legally charged.

What Products Can Be Used with Toxin Rid

Toxin Rid pills help you get rid of drug metabolites. Thus, you can clear any type of drug test with it be that saliva drug tests, urine, or hair follicles. But you know your body better than anyone. So, if you use cannabis frequently in a larger amount you might want to take additional measures to ensure success on the day of your test.

As you have noticed, the ingredient list for toxin rid doesn’t include creatinine, a vital component of human piss. When you are taking a urine drug test the testers would count your creatinine level. A lower creatinine level creates suspicion.

For that, you can purchase a creatinine supplement. If you don’t have enough time at hand buy a 1-day or 2 days detox package.

For mouth swab drug tests, the test assistant would need to collect your saliva sample. THC can be detected in your saliva. To mask the traces, buy a detox mouthwash such as High Voltage Saliva Cleanse for a cleaner and THC-free mouth.

Toxin Rid: Pros and Cons


  •       Can beat several types of drug tests with Toxin Rid
  •       Works for passing blood and alcohol drug tests too
  •       Its purity is acknowledged by the experts
  •       The pills can help flush out toxins from any type of weed user be that light or heavy marijuana consumer
  •       Quite popular in detox products to cleanse the body from THC
  •       The online star rating of Toxin Rid is very high
  •       It is gluten-free and has no filler
  •       Suitable for vegans too
  •       Removes drug residues from blood, saliva, sweat, and urine
  •       It comes it a money-back policy
  •       The pills start working from the very hour it was consumed


  •       In comparison to similar detox products toxin rid is expensive
  •       Might cause diarrhea
  •       Manufacturers don’t provide a 100% guarantee of its effectiveness.


Can The Lab Tester Find Out That I Have Used Toxin Rid?

The pills are not detectable by the lab tester. But don’t bring the products anywhere near the testing lab. Getting caught with the container might cause unnecessary problems. Toxin rid is the fastest possible solution for any drug test. Moreover, the ingredients that make Toxin Rid are legal to use. So, don’t be afraid to use it.

Does It Work To Beat Alcohol Drug Tests?

Yes, but you must avoid consuming alcohol the day of your test. The alcohol detection window is small so any traces of alcohol consumption leave the body faster than other drugs.

How Long Does It Last?

It depends on the kind of detox program you chose and the type of weed user you are.

Does It Help To Flush Out Traces Of Opiates?

Yes, it can if you consume vitamin B and creatinine supplement with it. Take them on the day of your test.

How Long Does The Effect Last?

Since Toxin Rid flushes out toxins from your system the manufacturer can claim that the effect lasts for an infinite amount of time. But that is only true if you quit smoking pot. The effect lasts for up to five hours. As soon as you start using cannabis you would need to start the detox program again to pass drug tests.

Where To Get Toxin Rid Detox Near Me?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy Toxin Rid from your nearby store or any online retailer such as Amazon. To make a purchase you have to order it from the manufacturer directly.

Is It Possible To Pass Drug Tests With Toxin Rid In Just One Day?

Yes, it is possible. For the fastest detoxification, you have to select the 1-day detox program to beat the drug tests.

Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

The user could successfully beat drug tests three times with Toxin Rid. He is using it for years. A great piece of advice from the user was that you have to know the type of weed user you are. Heavy users might need a second detox package to get rid of the toxins.

Review 2

Negative Reviews

The user couldn’t pass a drug test with Toxin Rid pills in 5 days. He admits that he is a heavy cannabis user so this might be the reason for his failure. It took over a month to pass the tests. The user could just buy a second package of the detox product to pass the drug tests.

Review 6
The customer was very unsatisfied with the product. Firstly, it didn’t work for him and second, it made his stomach upset. On top of that, he didn’t get the money back as promised.


The Reddit user took the 1-day Toxin Rid program with vitamin B and creatinine which help him pass the test.Reddit Review

This Reddit user failed in his test even though he did as instructed. He got the product from the manufacturers so there is no doubt the product was genuine. He suggested stopping smoking or at least doing so 30 days before the drug test.


Keep reading The Transformation Center to get know more about it. Reading countless positive reviews about the detox brand it is safe to say that the product has helped a lot of people pass different types of drug tests such as urine and saliva tests. This is why it is so popular among weed users. Many want to flush out toxins with home remedies. While some might be potent enough to do so but they are not for the people who don’t have much time.

That’s why you need a fast solution to cleanse your blood, saliva, and urine. Toxin Rid flush out drug metabolites cleansing your system from THC compounds. Toxin Rid is made of all-natural ingredients. It is also safe for human consumption. It might cause a little discomfort in some people but other than that it doesn’t have any major side effects.

The detox pills work by using the same method as our body. It purges the toxins with urine and feces. The detoxing program ranges from 1 to 10 days. Thus, you can select any package depending on the time you have before you undergo the test.

Following the instruction religiously results in testing negative for drug tests regardless of the type. This is a very good method to clear pre-and post-employment drug tests. But be aware of your state’s laws against detox products. You cannot jeopardize your career for a detox product.

Thus, find out if detox products are legal in your state. If so then no one can stop you from getting your dream job.