Community Voice

The Transformation Center’s Community Voice initiative seeks to expand access to and information about peer support across culture, language and geographic lines.

June 19, 2018

“Keeping Up with New Knowledge In Peer Support & Recovery Education” Forum II


Massachusetts Certified Peer Specialists (CPSs) and peer support workers coming together to ensure the integrity of peer support ongoing and continuing education.

Thanks to everyone who joined us!

Community Voice Gathering Reports

2017 Emerging Consensus on CPS Continuing Education

2016 Summary Report: Community Voice Gathering Aggregate

2016 Regional Reports:

Affinity Groups & Allies

Community Voice activities support “affinity groups” of people who share a culture, language or other self-identified experience and inform “allies” who advocate and support these communites.   Affinity groups include:

Community-based diversity resources for people from a range communities have helped us strengthen our network of recovery and peer support.

Regional Peer Support Resources

Recovery Learning Communities based in five regions and many communities.  The Transformation Center is the administrator for the Central MA RLC and Kiva Center

Recovery Resource Centers

Regional and Online networks of peer support

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