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How To Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Hair follicle testing is usually done at workplaces in the US. If you are a potential employee you would want to know how to pass a hair drug test in 2022. The test is done by taking a small hair sample from the person’s head. The hair sample is analyzed for drugs such as amphetamine, marijuana, opioids, and others. Drugs taken even 90 days before such a test can show up in the results.

What Can a Hair Follicle Drug Test Detect?

There is a good reason why many people look for ways how to pass a hair follicle test in 2 days. Drug tests can detect drugs in your system that you might have consumed even 90 days before the test. A hair drug test can detect the following drugs:

  •     Methamphetamine
  •     Marijuana
  •     Ecstasy
  •     Amphetamine
  •     Opioids
  •     PCP
  •     Cocaine

A hair follicle test for drugs is more effective than a urine test. That is because, while a urine test can detect drugs in the system a few days prior, a hair follicle test can detect drugs that you might have consumed even as long back as 90 days. For such reasons you need to know how to pass a hair follicle drug test in 2022.

  How Is Hair Testing Done in 2022?

Workplaces, especially in the US, as per the nature of employment, might subject potential candidates to a hair test. For such reasons, many people are looking at solutions to how can you beat a hair follicle drug test. Tests are scheduled pre-hire or for existing employees as well. Drug tests are useful to monitor drug use, especially in at-risk individuals.

The following steps are usually common in hair follicle testing:

  •     Hair follicle tests can take place in labs or clinics.
  •     Workplaces might have a temporary setup to collect samples for such tests.
  •     Workplaces that mandate such tests will supervise the employees accordingly.
  •     Employees are usually informed a few days before the test; in case it is part of a selection process it is mentioned in their selection letter or letter of appointment.

Knowing this can help anyone plan the best way to pass hair follicle drug test.

When and Why Do Employers Drug Test?

1.  Which Employers Use Hair Drug Tests and Why?


Some employers make it mandatory that potential candidates for employment are tested for drugs to be considered for employment. One such instance is the Department of Transportation or DOT in the US. It is important for them since employees need to operate large machinery such as commercial vehicles that run on roads, runways as well as on railways. Employees need to be free from substance abuse and know how to pass a hair follicle drug test. Such habits can impair judgment and reflexes as well. With the increased popularity of hair follicle tests, many look for ways how to pass a hair drug test in 24 hours.

Many service industries also have drug tests. That is because; if employees use drugs regularly then it leads to lapses in judgment. Employees under the influence of substances are also susceptible to errors. Drug use not only affects work but relationships as well. To prevent unprofessional behavior in workplaces and negative impact on performance, many employers advocate hair drug tests, both for selection as well as during employment.

2.  When Do Employers Use Hair Drug Tests?


Employers in many countries, such as the US, include hair drug tests, either as a pre-selection process as well as for random testing of employees. Employers in the following segments are likely to include hair follicle test results levels chart tests for their employees:

  •     Food industry
  •     Auto manufacturing and services
  •     Financial industries
  •     Gaming industry
  •     Oil and gas

3.  Who Else Can Force You to Pass a Hair Drug Test?


Usually, drug tests are included in the selection process or as terms of employment in the above-mentioned sectors. Besides the above industry segments, national services or departments can ask employees to take such tests. These include the health and transportation sectors of governments or high-security offices. National Drug Screening in the US is a department that offers its services for such tests. While the older tests were for alcohol or drugs the more modern and effective method is to get hair follicles tested.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Hair?

What Are Hair Follicle Drug Test Detection Times for Cannabis?

With medical marijuana legalized in many countries including several states in the US, people are often light to heavy users of weed. For them, it is important to know how to pass a hair follicle drug test. Many employers are taking on hair follicle drug tests since they can detect non-occasional users as well. Those who have consumed any form of the drug for as long back as 90 days will still get detected in the system.

Type of Marijuana User Will it Get Detected in a Hair Follicle Test
Occasional User Yes
Moderate User Yes
Heavy User Yes

If you are wondering how far back do hair follicle drug test detect drugs in the system, you would need to give space to substance usage beyond 90 days. Otherwise, you can take up detox products or remedies that can help flush your system so that you can pass such a test successfully.

Hair Drug Test vs. Other Test Types

The common forms of drug tests that employers use are blood, urine, hair, and saliva. Here we see the comparison between these different tests and their advantages and limitations:

Type of Test How it Is Administered Advantages Limitations
urine It is collected from potential candidates or existing employees It can help detect drugs in the system that have been consumed 3 to 4 days prior Cannot detect drug usage beyond 3 to 4 days
Saliva It is usually done on-site and for immediate testing by employers Can detect substances that have been recently consumed Cannot detect substances consumed beyond a few hours
Blood It is commonly administered in hospitals or clinics Can detect drugs in the system up to 30 days Requires more elaborate lab setup; cannot detect drugs in the system beyond 30 days
Hair Samples are collected and sent to analysis centers Can detect drugs in the system as long back as 90 days; is a non-invasive, simple process compared to blood and urine tests In case one is bald or has a very small hair length then the body hair needs to be taken as a sample.

With the latest workplace policies enabling employers to test employees and applicants through hair follicle tests, many would want to know how to pass a hair follicle drug test successfully.

How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

With the hair follicle drug test detection times span being a long one, it would be handy to know home-based detox remedies at hand. Of course, there are several reliable detox products in the market as well. However, if you are about to face a hair follicle test at a potential place of employment, here are some handy DIY home remedies you can consider:

  •     Massage the scalp and comb hair well to stimulate blood circulation.
  •     Use a hot oil treatment to treat your hair follicles and then cleanse them thoroughly with a shampoo.
  •     Make a natural cleanser at home with apple cider vinegar; you can massage this in your scalp and allow it to work on your hair follicles. After some time wash off with mild shampoo. This process can be repeated to ensure thorough cleansing of your scalp.
  •     Other beneficial natural scalp-skin cleansers are baking soda, and lemon juice; they can be applied on the scalp and then rinsed off with normal detox shampoo. Avoid using chemical hair products and straighteners.
  •     You could go for a hair trim and detox your system to flush your body of toxins and substance residue.

The above home remedies can be useful when you are contemplating how to pass a hair follicle drug test.

You might want to know how long does marijuana stay in your hair follicles. Another method to try is the Macujo method. This method involves cleaning the scalp with acidic shampoos which help open up the cortex and the cuticles. This helps to eliminate THC traces in the hair.

It involves washing your hair with salicylic acid-based shampoo, vinegar, and Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid. These substances help to remove toxins from the hair follicles. It is best that you couple the Macujo Method with a detox plan a few weeks before the test.

●      How to Clear THC from Your Hair?

You might wonder how long does THC stay in your hair. THC can get into your hair in two ways when you consume marijuana or come into contact with someone who consumes cannabinoids. No matter how you get THC on your hair you can get rid of the same via DIY home remedies or using the Macujo method.

●      DIY Home Detox Remedies

Home remedies for getting rid of THC in your system are the following:

  •     Drink plenty of fluids such as water and natural juices which can help flush toxins from your system.
  •     Increase food items in your diet that have high dietary fiber; this helps to detox the system naturally.
  •     Massage your hair follicles with apple cider vinegar or baking soda; after that wash off the hair with regular shampoo; this helps remove natural oils which bind THC to the hair follicles.

The above methods are beneficial but will not help if you have to know how how to pass a hair follicle drug test.  That is because these methods prove their efficacy over a longer time.

●      The Macujo Method

This method is considered an effective way to strip THC and other toxin traces from hair follicles, even answer your question, can a hair follicle test detect one time use?

Steps in this method are the following:

  1. Start by abstaining from consuming toxins as soon as possible; also try and consume natural food items and flush your body as much as possible.
  2. The first step in the rinsing process is to use vinegar which you can massage onto your scalp. Also, use an exfoliating scrub on your scalp. After that wash off with a regular shampoo.
  3. In the second wash cycle wash your hair twice with Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo.
  4. The third wash cycle requires you to put washing detergent on your hair. Ensure that you protect your eyes from the detergent; after allowing it to stay in your hair for some time you can rinse it off.
  5. The last step is to use Zydot Ultra Clean. Ash your hair normally with this shampoo.

The above steps can be repeated as many as seven times. This will ensure that your hair follicles are ready to face a hair follicle drug test.

The Do’s and Don’ts

Dos for detoxing your body are:

  •     Refrain from substance abuse as early as possible since hair follicle drug tests can catch such consumption as back as 90 days.
  •     Flush your system of toxins by consuming natural food and fluids.
  •     Take on detox pills for faster detox of your system.
  •     Wash your hair using the Macujo method.

Don’ts are the following:

  •     Do not consume substances or inhale vapors of THC-based substances.
  •     Do not come in contact with anyone consuming cannabinoids.

Tricks That Won’t Help You Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

There are some tricks that people try but which do not help in passing hair follicle drug tests:

●      Shaving off Hair

This is a common trick that some people use. However, even if you have a bald head the test authorities will simply take hair samples from other parts of your body.

●      Wearing a Wig

This is also a trick that does not work. People who come to take hair samples from you will discover a hair wig; either from a different hairstyle or synthetic hair samples.

●      Bleaching Hair

This is another tip that is usually given to people who are about to face a hair test. Though bleach helps to remove toxins from the hair it is not enough to prevent the detection of THC metabolites in your system.

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Review

1.  What Is Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo?

This best detox shampoo to pass a hair follicle drug test is a well-proven product that helps remove toxins from your hair follicles.

2.  Why Is it the Best Shampoo to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

This hair follicle drug testing shampoo is part of the Macujo method for eliminating toxins. It is sold as a kit for hair toxin removal proven effective with the Macujo method. It is sold along with Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo and together they have proven their efficacy over time in helping many customers get rid of toxins from their scalps.

3.  Why Is it Effective?

This shampoo is currently being manufactured by TestClear. Its efficacy is due to the ingredients it is made up of. The main ingredient in this shampoo is propylene glycol. This additive is known to be effective in detoxifying hair follicles. Also, it contains EDTA which is known for its antioxidant properties.

This product, due to its proven results, is an expensive product to buy. You will get the original formula at $199.95. It does come with a money-back guarantee as well in case customers are not happy with the effects of the shampoo.

Zydot Ultra Clean Review

Another product that is usually paired with Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo is Zydot Ultra Clean. It is especially effective when you pair it with the other shampoo and use it to rid your hair of toxins using the Macujo method.

The main ingredients in this shampoo are the following:

  •     Cocamide DEA
  •     Sodium PCA
  •     Aloe Vera
  •     Citric acid
  •     Sodium Thiosulfate
  •     Methylparaben

This product is available on different forums. It is priced at $13.43 for single packs. The manufacturer also gives a 100% money-back guarantee to customers who are not happy with the results of the product.


1.  How Can You Beat a Hair Follicle Test?

It is hard to beat such a test on short notice. However, if you get notice of such a test before 90 days then you have sufficient time to detox naturally and pass the test.

2.  What Is the Macujo Method?

This method has proven effective for ridding hair follicles of toxins. It combines different products such as Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid and Zydot Ultra Clean to help clear toxins from hair strands.

3.  How Reliable Is the Macujo Method?

This method has proven effective for many customers. However, the caustic nature of stripping hair follicles of their natural oils will damage the hair. Hence you need to supplement your diet with food containing natural oils to help repair and nourish your scalp.

4.  Can I Shave Off My Scalp and Body Hair to Pass Such a Test?

Yes, you can but this will also arouse the suspicion of test authorities.

5.  Can I Wear a Wig to Pass Such a Test?

You can try but ensure that the wig is made of natural hair and does not change your hairstyle too much.


With employers stepping up their efforts to ensure that employees abstain from substance usage, hair follicle drug test has become common at many workplaces. Among the different ways, you can pass such a test an effective way is to resort to the Macujo method to rid your hair follicles of toxic residue.