Video Links

 Video Links

Beyond the Transformation Center

Brene Brown

The Power of Vulnerability

Daniel Mackler

FREE!  Full-length films about recovery.
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Digital Eyes Film

Enhancing and Sustaining Peer Support Initiative in Mississauga Halton

15 min, from Canada

How could anyone ever tell you….

Self-care song and slideshow

Mental Health Matters

A 30-minute talk show dedicated to fresh perspectives on mental health from PEERS TV

Mental Health Recovery & Resiliency

Four part workshop presented by Mary Jadwisiak as part of the Washington State Mental Health Transformation Project, 2010

“Participatory Action Research”

2 1/2 minute video with Jonathan Delman

The Recover Project, Greenfield MA

Robert Whitaker, author

Speaking about “Anatomy of an Epidemic”  and “Mad in America”

Audio interview series by Dr. Joseph Mercola – 7 episodes under 10min each

Sacred Economics 

Money, gifts and society in an age of transition

Save the RLCs

The Skill of Self Confidence

including “negative self-talk” by Dr. Ivan Joseph

Transitions RTC

Young Adult Research and Training Center, YouTube Channel

Trauma Informed Responses

personal perspectives from the Policy Resource Associates Youtube channel

‪Voices Matter 

2012 World Hearing Voices Congress in Cardiff, Wales

Western MA RLC YouTube

Hope and Healing through Community

Afiya House Peer-run respite

What Happened to You?

A short documentary about the impact of trauma on our lives, featuring Dr. Rob Anda, co-researcher of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (A.C.E.) Study. Produced by the Central Mass Recovery Learning Community, in partnership with Digital Eyes Film.

What is Addiction? 

(WARNING: Visual images of drugs may be a trigger)
Gabor Mate speaks about pain and addiction

Who Are We?

Deaf video series

Willingness to be Puzzled

by Gabor Mate

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