Legal Assistance, Rights and Citizenship

Legal Assistance

Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

How to do an Advanced Directive

Children’s Law Center of Massachusetts

Legal advocacy and resource center providing representation to low income children in Eastern MA.

Ask about special education and DCF custody and guardianship issues.

Disability Law Center 

(800) 872-9992 (617) 227-9464; 1-800-381-0577 (TTY)
General Intake (617) 723-8455 [email protected]

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DLC Priorities

PAIMI in MA (national program of Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness)

Disability Connection TV Show & Podcast

Drug Testing Information

If you want to land your dream career, refraining from marijuana use could damage your career. Employers now routinely conduct drug tests for a variety of legitimate reasons. Cannabis use is permitted in some places, however job candidates who test positive for narcotics are not considered for the position. Therefore, you should abstain from smoking hash if you really are engaged or searching for employment. Let’s discuss what you can do to keep your job if you decide to let loose a little on the weekend.

DPPC (Disabled Persons Protection Commission)

Mass Department of Mental Health (DMH)

DMH Human Rights Policy

DMH Human Rights Complaint Form

DMH Human Rights Handbook (English and Spanish)

DMH Policies and Forms

DMH Statutes, Regulations and Policies


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Ask a Law Librarian and Law Library resources

Mass Legal Services – Find Legal Aid

Mass Mental Health Litigation Division

MHLD is committed to protecting the legal and constitutional rights of citizens facing civil commitments, guardianships and involuntary treatment including the
administration of antipsychotic medications and ECT. Individuals who are asked to sign in to a hospital as a conditional voluntary patient are entitle to consult with an attorney before signing the CV. Patients who are involuntarily detained in psychiatric facilities are entitled to an attorney appointed by the MHLD.

The MHLD provides attorneys for civil commitment proceedings in the District Courts and the Boston Municipal Court as well as attorneys in the Probate and Family Courts for guardianships, substituted judgment proceedings, and cases involving the validation of health care proxies.

Call with questions and counsel requests 617-988-8341

Mass Network of Information Providers

Massachusetts Office on Disability

Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee (MHLAC)

Advancing the rights and opportunities of persons with mental disabilities through quality legal advocacy and education in Massachusetts.  All callers who present with a legal issue related to mental health within broad priorities will receive basic advice and referral information.

MHLAC Library of pamphlets and booklets

MHLAC Links to agencies and organizations


National Association for Rights, Protection and Advocacy

Rights and Citizenship

Ruderman White Paper:  Voting Accessibility for People with Disabilities (Sept 2016)

5 Fundamental Rights + Fresh Air

Fresh Air rights signed into law by Governor Duval Patrick ~ January 2015

2015 Summary by Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee

MHLAC Pess Release 2-5-15

Worcester Magazine article

Coming Home

Resources and services available to ex-offenders in Greater Boston

Ex-prisoners & Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement (EPOCA)

CORI Information

Good Samaritan Law (MOAR)

MA Association for Community Action

MA Directory of City and Town Halls

MA Voter Registration and Information

Resources for citizens
Voting information

Multicultural page

Includes immigration and refugee assistance

FREE Tax Help

Boston Tax Help Coalition Free for people who earned worked in 2015 and earned less than $54,000 English flyer  Spanish flyer

Massachusetts State EOHHS including what to bring to the consultation

IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance  Enter your zip code

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Health Insurance & Financial Resources