Blacks United in Recovery

BUR is a state-wide advocacy and policy development network for Blacks and African Americans seeking recovery from mental health, trauma and substance use related challenges.

Invitation!  3rd Annual Blacks United in Recovery

Blacks Addressing Mental Health and Healing to Impact Research, Policy and Practice

A community networking event for Black Affinity group members, Friends & Allies


Wednesday August 22

9:00-10:00 Registration & Light Breakfast
10:00-5:00 Event (lunch provided)

You must register ahead!

Location & Access

Bruce Bolling Building, 6th Floor
2300 Washington Street (Across from Dudley Sq. Station)
Roxbury, MA 02119
Park on the street or in nearby parking lots

Location is wheelchair accessible. This is a scent-free event.
Please do not wear scented products for the safety of those who are sensitive or allergic to scented products.   Thank you!

Community Advisory Council

Blacks United in Recovery (BUR) is holding regular meetings for Blacks from the Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan areas to help decision-makers better understand what individuals and families need and want to improve their mental health and improve access to healthcare services that work.   Participants attending a Community Advisory Committee meeting once each month will receive a $20 VISA gift card. Minimum 2 month commitment desired.   Contact Valeria if you are interested.

Why African Americans may be more wary of research and medicine than an average person

Many of us in the peer support and mental health recovery movement work to share our voices and experiences to educate others, encourage one another, and contribute to future policy development.  One of our long-standing mottoes is “nothing about us, without us!”

Toward that end, The Transformation Center is partnering with researchers from Cambridge Health Alliance and Mass General who are working with us with integrity so that policy makers, medical providers and other stakeholders can learn more about what brown and black people need for greater wellness and increased access to medical care.

The Racist History of American Medicine Video at Top Buzz

For many African Americans however, the topic of our participation in medical research has a long horrifying history.  During this Black History month, let us remember those men and women who were forced against their will or without their knowledge, to give their bodies, minds and lives in the name of medical science.

Moreover, people of color are claimed in using drugs more often then white people. And in this case they must pass a drug test to prove that they didn’t violate the laws. If you need to pass a hair drug test, the toxin rid shampoos are quite effective. Many people can attest to this as they were able to pass the hair follicles drug test upon utilizing the shampoo. Using Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo can increase your chances of passing the hair follicles drug test.

The Pipeline2Proposal (P2P) Community Advisory Council is funded by a grant from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute. The grant helps The Transformation Center work toward the elimination of healthcare disparities by inviting Blacks to voice what is and what isn’t working in terms of their communities’ mental health needs and explores potential research questions that could make a difference locally.

2nd BUR Celebration and Forum

“From Surviving to Thriving” was held November 21, 2017 – A day of interactive workshops for those who identified as Black or African American and related to emotional health, addictions or trauma issues.  2017 Forum Flyer

1st BUR Celebration and Forum

“Witnessing The Power Of Connection: Facilitating Healing From Racism, Isolation, Marginalization, Trauma, Addictions, Violence & Emotional Dis(Stress)”  was held November 12, 2015 in Dorchester, MA.  It was an historic gathering of people who identify as African American or Black and have experienced racism or marginalization, violence, severe emotional distress, trauma or substance use challenges.  2015 Forum & Celebration Flyer