Blacks United in Recovery

BUR is a state-wide advocacy and policy development network for Blacks and African Americans seeking recovery from mental health, trauma and substance use related challenges.

BUR Forum November 21, 2017:  From Surviving to Thriving

The 2nd Annual “Blacks United in Recovery Statewide Networking Forum and Celebration” was a day of interactive workshops for those who identify as Black or African American and can relate to emotional health, addictions or trauma issues.




About Chemical & Scent Sensitivity including ways to reduce your use of scents

The Transformation Center strives to make all spaces accessible to all. This includes (but is not limited to) avoiding the use of scented products as much as possible, using wheelchair accessible spaces, and scheduling interpreters and groups in other languages (adapted from Western MA RLC Guiding Principles).


The first BUR Celebration and Forum

was held November 12, 2015 in Dorchester, MA.  It was an historic gathering of people who identify as African American or Black and have experienced racism or marginalization, violence, severe emotional distress, trauma or substance use challenges.  2015 Forum & Celebration Flyer

Call or email Valeria to share your experiences of peer support and learn about upcoming Blacks United in Recovery events and opportunities for advocacy.


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