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A News-brief about the Massachusetts Network of Information Providers for People with Disabilities September 17, 2009

MNIP News’ “Legal Resources” is the final weekly issue of resources by topic shared by fellow information & referral specialists at the MNIP regional meetings.

The full report of the MNIP 2009 regional meetings can be found at The report includes the full listing of helpful resources, by category, identified by members attending the meetings.

MNIP Legal Resources Fact Sheet
List of legal agencies, brief description of legal services providers and contact information. Some reduced fee lawyers are listed.

LARC Intake Update Newsletter / Greater Boston Legal Services Monthly newsletter that lists current intake information for major legal services programs throughout Massachusetts. $25 yearly subscription.
[email protected]

Disability Law Center

  • DLC Priorities
    DLC screens intake calls
  • Disability Law Center Publications
    has numerous legal publications and information resources available for printing and download. Topics include accessibility, consumer, criminal offender record information (CORI), education benefits, elder, employment, health, housing, mental health, and voting.
  • (800) 872-9992 (617) 227-9464; 1-800-381-0577 (TTY)
    General Intake (617) 723-8455 [email protected]

MNIP Members / Law
link lists contact information for Disabled Persons Protection Commission, Massachusetts Advocates for Children, and Massachusetts Office on Disability


Special Education

Children’s Law Center of Massachusetts
Legal advocacy and resource center providing representation to low income children in Eastern Massachusetts. Call for special education (noncompliance), children’s issues dealing with DCF custody and guardianship.
(781) 581-1977

MNIP Database Training

There may be some people on your staff who would benefit from our MNIP training. It includes the use of the databases on-line and the use of all the resources to which you have access as MNIP members. If you or anyone at your organization would like to be trained for the first time, or would like a refresher on using MNIP resources, please contact Angie Aguirre at [email protected]

Joining the MNIP

If your agency is not yet a member of the MNIP and is interested in joining, or if you know of an agency that is interested, please direct it to our application page. There is no charge for membership in the MNIP . Members receive the MNIP newsletter; have access to a members’ site with electronic tools to facilitate provision of information and referral; and participate at periodic trainings and conferences. Any organization, which provides information and referral for people with disabilities at no cost to the public, is eligible for membership. If you have any questions, please contact Bob Bass at[email protected]

MNIP Funders

New England INDEX and the MNIP are funded by: Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, and Executive Office of Health and Human Services.

Getting in Touch with INDEX Staff
Name Position Phone Number E-mail Address
Robert Bass Director (781) 642-0246 [email protected]
Angie Aguirre Special Projects Assistant (781) 642-0289[email protected]
Vadim Droznin Network Administrator [email protected]
Jonathan Gottlieb Office Assistant [email protected]
Kathryn Gregorio Database Consultant[email protected]
Audrey Huntley Information Acquisition Coordinator (781) 642-0286[email protected]
Becky Olsen Information Specialist / Office Administrator (781) 642-0026[email protected]
Dave Owens Web & Database Developer [email protected]
Viet Do Web & Database Developer [email protected]
John Rochford Director of Technology (781) 642-0255[email protected]About INDEX

New England INDEX is a program of Commonwealth Medicine, the University of Massachusetts Medical School, located at the Shriver Center in Waltham, Massachusetts.

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