Video Links

Save the RLCs

Afiya House Peer-run Respite

Western MA RLC Hope and Healing through Community

Western MA RLC YouTube channel

The Recover Project Recovery Support Center, Greenfield MA

Digital Eyes Film Youtube Channel

‪Voices Matter filmed at the 2012 World Hearing Voices Congress in Cardiff, Wales

Robert Whitaker, author “Anatomy of an Epidemic”

Dr. Joseph Mercola Interviews Robert Whitaker (audio) 7 episodes under 10min each

‪The Skill of Self Confidence including “negative self-talk” by Dr. Ivan Joseph

Mental Health Recovery & Resiliency Four part workshop presented by Mary Jadwisiak as part of the Washington State Mental Health Transformation Project, 2010

Willingness to be Puzzled by Gabor Mate

What is Addiction?  Gabor Mate speaks about pain and addiction  WARNING: Visual images of drugs may be a trigger

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