ASL (sign) Courses


CODA ASL skills training

Are you interested in
enrolling is American Sign Language classes this semester?  If so, the
following information is very important!  The Harvard Committee on Deaf Awareness (CODA) isproud to offer weekly Sunday classes specifically for interested college students and some local community members interested in learning or improving their ASL skills.

Classes continue this Sunday, September 27th.  Registration
will also be this Sunday, right before class begins.
[email protected] as soon as possible if you are interested – we
have a limited number of spots available for all levels, and we expect
they will fill up quickly!

I. Registration
II. Class Dates and Times
III. Some Other Functions of CODA

I. Registration:

This semester, registration fees are the following:
$30 Students (Undergrad, Grad, etc.)
$40 Non-Students

Registration will occur on the same day of classes
Sunday, September 27th, before class begins, outside of Science Center
Room 110.
Please come approximately 20-30 minutes before your class starts.
time depends on level (see below)*.  If
you have any trouble with the cash registration fee, let
me know as soon as possible.

II. Class Dates and Times

All levels will meet in Science Center 110 on Sundays at the
following times:

Level 1 2:00-3:00
In the introductory level, the focus is on clear handshapes and sign
production.  Students will
develop a strong foundation vocabulary of finger spelling, numbers,
food, verbs, animals, family members, professions, days of the week and
more and at the end will clearly sign a short story using this
vocabulary.  They will use two sentence types – affirmation and

Level 2 3:00-4:00
This class is designed to build on skills acquired in level 1 and add
time concepts,
tense markers, and greetings.  Students will gain exposure to wh
questions at the end of the semester and practice with three additional
sentence types – yes/no questions (without a topic), wh questions
(without a topic) and Topic/Comment.

Level 3 4:00-5:00
important level, this class will teach verbs and prepositions and focus
on language meaning.  Students will be exposed to the use of

Level 4 5:00-6:00
This class will expand the use of classifiers and role shifting for
telling.  Students will learn additional verbs and deepen their
understanding of the verb system as the add more directional verbs to
their vocabulary.  They will learn two more sentence types – rhetorical
questions and conditionals.

III. Some Other Functions of CODA

a) Deaf Awareness Week:
West Resendes, the Director of Harvard’s
CODA, organizes and runs an annual week of nightly events designed to
raise awareness of the deaf community and bring members of the
community together with Harvard students and those from other
colleges.  We are currently looking for sponsors for the next DAW
slated for February 2010, so if you have any suggestions please send
them along to me at [email protected].  If you have any
questions about Deaf Awareness Week or other
aspects of CODA, feel free to email me or
Caroline Lowe, the Assistant Director, at [email protected].

b) Community Events: If you are interested in helping out
with planning CODA community and campus-wide events, please contact the
Community Events Coordinator, Yvonne Yang, at[email protected].