Voter Education Project



The Voter Education Project was comprised of a core group of consumers/survivors who were interested in developing a consumer/survivor voice in the political process. Through its members’ diverse perspectives and experiences, the Voter Education Project group reflects the challenges faced by a spectrum of consumers/survivors.


Concerned with the absence of the consumer/survivor perspective, the Voter Education Project team strives to develop a powerful voice in the political process, and aimed to foster the development of individual members’ skill sets. The Voter Education Project worked to accomplish the aforementioned goals through evaluating the strengths and obstacles that consumers/survivors face in voting, identifying resources to overcome the obstacles, and developing an action plan that integrates consumer/survivors existing strengths and the identified resources.


The Voter Education Project has been completed. The core group of consumers/survivors developed a curriculum guide, which was completed in the end of March 2003. While the curriculum was being developed, the Voter Education Project was focusing on relationship building and working toward the project kickoff events. Following the completion of the curriculum guide, the core group of consumers/survivors gave a series of presentations about the project. The project ran from 2003-2004.

M-POWER members encourage every one to register to vote. Here are some helpful resources to help you register.

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