Training Resources

Training Acronyms & Resources 

From Transcom, MA Peer Professional Workforce Development Guidelines” April 2014, pg. 13-14.  Full document

Alternatives to Suicide = Peer support and training around this taboo topic.  Offered in MA by the Western MA RLC

AREAS = Addiction Recovery Education Access Services.  Developed by Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery (MOAR) as a recovery community educational support system to help people in early recovery to take action on a variety of health and resource needs.

ATRIUM = Addiction & Trauma Recovery Integration Model (ATRIUM). A series of groups developed by Dusty Miller that helps people explore the impact of trauma in one’s life and identify new ways for self-care and personal empowerment in recovery.

CPS = Certified Peer Specialist.

CPS Training = In Massachusetts, The Transformation Center provides training and skill practice in CPS ethics and core competencies as a foundation for a broad variety of mental health recovery support roles in the field.  Certification includes passing an oral and written examination.

CPS Supervisor training = On-line training developed by the Transformation Center for non-peer supervisors of CPS, also helpful for peer professionals who are orienting colleagues to the peer role.

CommonGround = A web-based application that helps people prepare to meet with psychiatrists or treatment teams and arrive at the best decisions for treatment and recovery.  Developed by Pat Deegan

Core GIFT = Gathering Inspiring Future Talent.  A training adapted by Kim Bisset to prepare young adults for peer mentoring and helps young adults who want to apply for the Certified Peer Specialist training.

E-CPR = Emotional CPR (C=Connecting, P=emPowering, R=Revitalizing).  A training developed by the National Empowerment Center to teach people to assist others through an emotional crisis through the three steps of CPR.

Financial Support = Skills training and support for financial literacy and wellness.

Hearing Voices = Support group and training founded in the United Kingdom, first offered in USA by the Western MA RLC

Intentional Care = Developed by Pat Deegan and adopted by Advocates.  Standards and training for mental health service providers.  PDF presentation

IPS = Intentional Peer Support.  A training developed by Shery Mead to build conscious, mutual relationships and to change the dynamics of power in society.

MLA = Massachusetts Leadership Academy. Adapted for mental health leadership development by the state of Idaho and by CONTACT, a peer-operated national technical assistance organization.  The Transformation Center currently offers this training in Massachusetts.

NIATx = Based at the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies (CHESS).  Training that facilitates peer networking and provides research, case studies, and tools that encourage use of a process improvement model  (former acronym for the Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment)

NYAPRS Peer Bridger = New York Association for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Peer Bridger.  A training that prepares people to help others move from hospitals to living in the community or from a higher intensity of service to lower intensity of service.

Parenting Journey = Offered by The Family Center in Somerville in multiple languages.  Uses experiential techniques to focus on the parents’ relationship with their children, with others, and with their own personal histories with a unique emphasis on helping parents explore the deep personal roots of their parenting practices, and find their own personal and parenting strengths.

Pre-CPS = On-line training on The Transformation Center website to help people prepare for MA CPS training.

Recovery Coach Academy = The Recovery Coach Academy (RAC) provides a comprehensive overview of the purpose, tasks and roles of a recovery coach. It offers skills and tools for effective communication, enhancing motivation, recovery action planning, cultural competency and recovery ethics. In MA, trainings are held by Adcare Educational Institute 

Recovery Messaging = Developed by Faces and Voices of Recovery to guide people in telling their recovery story.   Link to Faces article, “Why Peer Integrity Matters”.

RI/RO Peer Employment Training = Recovery Innovations/Recovery Opportunities, Inc.  A training developed by Lori Ashcraft and Gene Johnson based on the principles of the recovery organization they founded.

PSWHR = Peer Support Whole Health and Resilience.  A health action practice developed by Appalachian Consulting Group that has been shown to be effective in supporting people to help each other to select and carry out health improvement action steps.

WHAM = Whole Health Action Management.  Adapted from Appalachian Consulting Group’s PSWHR, a health action practice facilitated by peer specialists that is available through the National Council on Behavioral Health.

Tobacco Cessation = Training and peer support in MA

WRAP = Wellness Recovery Action Plan.  A personal planning process developed by Maryellen Copeland to promote mental health recovery and listed by SAMHSA in the National Registry for Evidence Based Practices.