Voices for Change – is a 10-page newsletter of the Transformation Center that comes out 4 times a year.  We try to represent the mental health community of Massachusetts – especially people with lived experience of mood swings, trauma or extreme states.

“Including Asian-American Peers”   Summer-Fall 2014  

We include stories from the many cultural communities within our mental health community.  The newsletter is peer-run and has news about the Transformation Center – our programs, trainings and issues we are working on.  Have you seen Voices for Change?  What issues would you like to see discussed in the newsletter?

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The last few issues have been about Peer Specialists, Trauma-Informed Care and Wellness/Personal Medicine.  We ask peers to contribute and edit articles, proofread or do research or an interview.  We occasionally take artwork or a poem.  We also have a quarterly mailing party – this is the only activity for which we pay workers.

Do you want to get experience with writing, editing, advocacy or communication?  Voices for Change is a community effort.  We want you to be a part of it. Voices for Change has a Facebook page where we post individual articles as well as pictures and announcements about the newsletter.

Anyone can post to this Facebook page.

Please send your comments and questions to the editor of Voices for Change: [email protected]

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Summer 2011 “Trauma-Informed Care”