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Last Updated on 07.04.2023

Certified Peer Specialists

The final interview date for the Certified Peer Specialist ( CPS) training program is on Monday, Aug. 27th in Lawrence at 15 Union st at the DMH site office.

Please email the CPS program to request an am or pm ( time slots will be assigned in the order that they are requested) before Thursday, August 23rd at 500pm.

Please bring your completed cps application to the interview on Aug 27th.

Applications can be downloaded by going to and please mail or fax two references to The Transformation Center.

Our mailing address is 98 Magazine Street Roxbury, MA 02119 or fax the references to 617-442-4005.



Interview Dates – Please email us and tell us your top two choices for interviews (See application for full instructions). Current dates are below.

August 25 – RLC in Holyoke, 187 High Street, Suite 303

Please request an interview NO LATER THAN August 17th.


Applications for Fall CPS classes can be downloaded in two varieties:

Next Retake Exam Opportunity – End of September, 2012

Tutoring – Phone tutoring will be available on the dates below.  We will use the Transformation Center Conference Line – 661-673-8600; Code Number 505400#. 

August 21st – Begin weekly tutoring on Tuesday nights at 7:00 (same number as above)
Exams  Week of September 24th (probably Tuesday, 9/25 and Saturday 9/29.  Exams will not be scheduled on Yom Kippur).

Fall CPS Classes – We will be holding Two (2) CPS CLASSES in the fall.  One will be in Western Mass (Springfield/Holyoke area) and one will be in the Northeast (Lawrence/Lowell area).  Applications and interview dates will be posted shortly, along with the specific class dates.  Classes will start right around the first week of October.

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Final Certificates for past graduates

We’ll be sending out Certificates to all past graduates that haven’t received one yet.  We hope to schedule a state house event and/or an alternative celebration at some point, but don’t want to make people wait any longer for their Certificates.  So keep an eye out…they’re on their way over the next month or two.

Forums and Survey Questionnaires

Two and ½ years ago, many more CPS positions became funded in Massachusetts.  We will be reaching out to people that are working as CPSs, CPS supervisors and others to find out how well the CPS course prepares people for their work, and what tasks CPSs are being asked to do once they get jobs.  We’ll be doing forums and sending out questionnaires to get input about what works and what can be improved in the CPS class.

CPS Course Modifications

In addition to looking at the CPS class in relation to CPS positions, we’ll also be continuing making changes to the training to widen accessibility by different cultural groups, people who speak English as a second language, people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and young adults.

CPS Class

We will be holding a pilot CPS class in late Spring.  The class format will be different from past years.  It will be held over 5 weeks with three 3-day blocks every other week.  We’ll be posting the dates, location and application materials in early February


Tutoring is available for people who did not pass their exam during the first or second opportunity. Several tutoring activities are available.

  • Telephone Tutoring Sessions:
  • One-to-One Tutoring
  • Retesting

If you want email notification about the upcoming CPS classes, you can sign up for our Recovery Network Newsletter

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